Getta Job


  1. hahaha the steve madden made me lol.

    A secure job in comics would be perfect for you, but they're hard to come by. This blog is a great start in some regards, but I think making another one that focuses on reviews and opinions would be very useful. In showing off your analytical side, you gain some leverage with the marketing/editing departments, as well as showing you're a self-starter. Considering how big blogging has become in new-media, it's a great way to get your foot in the door and make a name for yourself.

  2. Yeah, it was mentioned to me by numerous people to do the blogging thing...I've never really been much of a blogger...

    I guess I can try! I may get to guest blog on Top Shelf's if I'm decent.

  3. Starting with Top Shelf's and Periscope's titles is a good idea. Not only will there be more opportunity for your entries to be used on their company blogs, but you could make the most of your behind-the-scenes access while you have it. Besides the review, you could add a bit of extra info in there that other bloggers don't have. It will only make your perspective even more valuable. Bah, I don't know!

    I think you have a unique voice and you should give it a shot.

  4. Yeah! What Gonz said! <3