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  1. Yikes. I wrote James Jean as Jame Jean. Let this be known that I see that! eek. I must double check my spelling...

  2. Age of Bronze is good! How far is it up to now?

    Um, that's not why I'm commenting. I saw one of yours from a while ago about the Pilot V5 pens turning into stupid pens, and since I use them myself I was all "no way" but I didn't have time to see for myself until today. So:

    – the Pilot Precise V5 pens do still exist!
    – if you get them at OfficeMax or something, where you can get 12 for $17 instead of 2 for $4 or whatever. Upshot: Pilots still around. I'll still die from heatstroke, but Pilots will be here and isn't that what's important? I think so.