Turn Around, I Won't Let You Down.

♫Its a Wonderful Life -Sparklehorse


  1. This is probably one comment too many for one night, BUT, wow, that last panel is so good. I don't know if I would have thought of having some of the hair float on the surface of the water. I probably would've over looked such a detail.

  2. Hey thanks! I notice that I spelt strategy wrong. For someone like me who brags about scrabble, I sure spell words wrong on my diary...Lets just say its the creative focus! Ugh, I'll have to fix all of these errors if I ever publish.

  3. hey emi,
    i talked to your boss Leigh Walton over at top shelf and she told me to check out your work and its totally cool!
    nice to meet you and stay in touch!
    if you wanna check out my cartoons, go for it @ www.wysockiweekday.blogspot.com

  4. You're not supposed to just leave the bandaid on all the time, you're suppose to take them off and swap out new ones, at which point you let the skin breath and harden up a bit.