Wait Out the Black Heart Plague


  1. Happy New Year, Emi!

    Maybe you just need to get used to the new color, like a new hair cut?

    I think I like it, but I'm not sure.

  2. i think giving it a little time to sink in is a good idea. as someone who fully supported the change(even though the blue you use may, in fact, be my favorite color) i have to admit that the first time i saw it, the new color was kind of jaring. but by the time i got through the third day, it started to grow on me. i say you give it a couple of weeks and see how you feel about it then. and if it's the particular shade that you've used, maybe try another one at that point before going back to the blue. maybe the one that adrian tomine used on one of the versions of shortcomings(unless that's a little too pink). but that's the important thing: remembering that the blue will be there for you if you need it but knowing not to jump back to it too soon. i hope to encourage you to give 'the new' a shot, but ultimately you've got to do what you feel is right.
    damn, i seem to have written a lot. sorry about that...

  3. I actually am starting to like this purple/pink color. You guys are right! I too, have to get used to the change! haha