So I will be having my VERY first table at Emerald City Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday and if you are attending or are in the area I urge you to say hello! I'm sharing a table with my buddy Tally and Matt at table F-11!! I will be selling minis and buttons! I am planning on having a cardboard cutout of an army cat holding a balloon that will reach pretty high I hope. If that works out, keep an eye for that! If not...then it won't be there I guess. HAHA


  1. Good luck this weekend - have fun! Meet Stan Lee for me!!!

  2. Hey Emi! It was very cool meeting you at the Con today. I have five hours to kill before my plane leaves for Phoenix and your stuff really stood out to me so I looked through the art in your blogs and I'm super-mega impressed (sorry. still hyper). I'm sure other people at the airport that heard me laugh at your 24 hour comic didn't understand. That's their problem! heh

    Well, hope I get to see you again at a con. Are you doing any other cons? My next two are Phoenix in May and another artist I met today said he could get me into San Diego so I may go to that.

    Definitely let me know if you ever want to swap commissions. I'd love to own some of your awesome art.

    Alright, enough gushing. You take care!