1. The only way I can even imagine a worse dream is if you added zombies. :(

    When you live with me, you need not fear spiders. *holds up thumb threateningly*

  2. I was practically twitching as I read this... Spiders freak me out, too! I'm getting better at not killing tiny ones out of hand, though, and just getting a cup and paper to put them outside, but the big ones get squashed. I feel so bad, though, when I kill them! :(
    Luckily, if I'm with my folks, my dad can take them outside for me XD Very humane with the wildlife, my dad is... except the evil kind (mosquitos, fruit flies, things which eat our garden, et cetera).
    Heh. Long, digressive comment! I mostly lurk here, I'm afraid, but I love your comic/journal!

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