1. Emi you are so talented, break ups are hard it'll just take some time but you will bounce back better than ever! Get yourself some Multivitamins packed with vitamin B and you'll start feeling amazing again I promise!!!

    P.S. I would kill for your skills with composition!

  2. It's amazing how long one can hold on to anything, especially a person that you feel a good connection with, doesn't even have to be a "lover", we all connect with other people and it's so hard to just end a connection like hanging up a phone...it's better to have had the experience and the connection than nothing at all. the healing process will take place at it's own pace and things will go back to "normal", although to quote Bad Religion: everyone you see leaves a mark on your soul,
    everyone you bare leaves a mark on your soul,
    everyone you touch leaves a mark on your soul,
    everyone you love leaves a mark on your soul

    i think this is true...but it's not always negative, and the learning process leads us to something that is better than we could've imagined. Kudos for the comics...keep making them, i'll keep reading them