Yup...Flu now Cold...BATTLE!

Behold! Another totally nice and awesome person made some fan art of EMITOWN! It's Matthew New and he's so AWESOME!

Oh No...Not Again...


Flu Be Gone!

If you wanna bid on my ol' Wonder Woman piece, you can do so here!


Weekend Accomplished!

If you're curious about my Monsters & Dames pic here it is. Still a work in progress!




Oh! And I think since this had an appearance of OceanGirl in this post, this would be a good time to show off some cool art some totally talented awesome friends made for me of the heroine!

First Two from the talented Tally Nourigat who also does an awesome comic diary Between Gears!!

And secondly the wonderful Angie Wang who talked me into the brush pen in the first place!


Trip Today by Nail

OH! And check out my very first FAN ART!!!!!!!!! By my pal, Matt Grigsby, who made this for my 1yr EmiTowniversary!

CLICK Here to get to full version!



24 Hour Comic

Hey guys! Weird! A post with NO EmiTown page?! What is happening?!

I participated in 24 Hour Comic Day yesterday...I managed to do all 24 pages by 4am! (it was a 10am Sat thru 10am Sun dealie) So, there really is no true point to the comic...it was a make it up as I went along... Anyway, follow the link to read!

24 Hour Comic!

But do expect EmiTown updates if not tonight...Tomorrow! When hopefully my hand is no longer cramped... ;__;