Don't Jinx it!

Oh Hai

Things have been a little busy lately. And it sure doesn't help that I'm feeling tired all the time! But I just wanted to say that EmiTown may not be updated as often as it used to. I mean, not that I have been updating regularly before but my new goal is to update twice a week until I have all the things I need to get done, done. It might be like this until August. I do plan on drawing a page for everyday. If all things go well, you will see all that I have been working on!

Because of all these new projects, I have been thinking about changing up EmiTown. It's not for sure decided, and I don't want to stop EmiTown but I also need more time. It may not be a day to day thing in the future. THIS IS SPECULATION. We'll see if I am able to make my schedule work!

And also, those who I still owe sketches, it is on the list! On my schedule that I have drawn out for myself so NO WORRIES! And you might get a bonus something for waiting so patiently! :P

This message will self destruct with a comic update when I update...

which may be tomorrow!



P.S - There are still some minis left in the ol' shoppe. But supplies are running low!