Thought it was a Girl

Also, I took down the donation button. Thank you everyone who donated! Because of the donations I have some footing and the books I have made helped me already in my comics-career! I am working on the sketches and will be mailing them out in batches! This weekend is going to be dedicated to getting those done! <3


The con went VERY well! I was surprised at how well it went because I was told that the ECCC crowd wasn't really geared for the small indie folks. Everyone who stopped by my table was super awesome and I can't wait to do it again next year!

I won't add too much detail about what happened since there will be comic pages coming explaining it! Just wanted to let ya know that today is rest day since I didn't get home until late Sunday night and then working at my day job with lack of sleep is no picnic. I will try to have updates ready for Wednesday night!

*EDIT* Ok I suck...I didn't get the update tonight. I did manage to get three pages drawn tho! Soon, my friends, soon.. I thank thee for thy patience! <3 *EDIT*




So I will be having my VERY first table at Emerald City Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday and if you are attending or are in the area I urge you to say hello! I'm sharing a table with my buddy Tally and Matt at table F-11!! I will be selling minis and buttons! I am planning on having a cardboard cutout of an army cat holding a balloon that will reach pretty high I hope. If that works out, keep an eye for that! If not...then it won't be there I guess. HAHA

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