Never Take Off the Helmet


  1. That last panel looks great. I think I must be a sucker for those coloured speech bubbles, but the pose and the hands turned out really good too.

    Sucks about your job woes though.

  2. With this blog, I cant imagine things will stay like that forever, you don't really have anything to be ashamed about.

    Just keep being awesome! And make a book so I can buy it already.

  3. I know how you feel - i worked a crappy retail job, until i got let go, both things kind of embarrassing. I accidentally fell into my career - started taking a course, got hired as a student assistant, then full time teacher, which is awesome.

    Anyway, don't let it get you down - just think of it as a means to an end. Have a plan to work on what you really want to do, to give yourself deadlines, and if some better 'day' job comes along (and maybe have a plan for that), go for it.

    By the way, i love your blog, thanks to Jamie.


  4. Aww, hon. If you ever want to talk about being stuck at a job you don't belong at and being embarassed to tell your art friends, call me. I have done it a loooooot! This isn't forever, just for a bit. You're really making a name for yourself. Just keep moving forward, and you'll make it ok. I didn't get anything serious art-wise until last month! And I'm 28. Patience. It'll come.