Buttons and Minis Now Up in the Etsy Store!

photo courtesy of Oceanyamaha

The Stumptown comics fest was a success! I sold plenty and made a lot of new friends. I can't wait to do it again next year! I plan on having a whole new line of stuff. So all the current things I have are retiring this year. I do have lots left over and I have started to put them up on my etsy store! I will continue to add as items are purchased. So if you only see two postings of a mini that's cause I'll wait until one or both sells before adding more! So keep checking back if you didn't see what you wanted!

I'll be selling EmiTown June, July, August individually and in a bundle (bundle saves $3!). Perfecting Loneliness 24hr Comic and Sunless. There is also a bundle of Sunless and the 24hr comic...and then the ultimate bundle of everything which saves ya $5!)



  1. haha, probably should've read that whole post before buying. that "only 1 left in stock!" thing made me panic and hit checkout before i finished looking through the store and added more things in. oh well!

  2. oh wow, I guess I will post a lot more Ultimate Bundles!

  3. I sure hope that there are some Ultimate Bundles left in about a week as I am about to go on vacation! *crosses fingerS*

  4. I got mine - they are rad!
    - newsuperhero

  5. hmm.... cute gal in pic but it is nice you are selling out $$ i so gonna buy your comic when i get cash in my card