Technology is a Friend


  1. When anyone gets into a relationship, obviously they know in the end it may not work out. I assume this one deals with your relationship that just ended? I know Emitown is about your personal life, but do you find it hard to post things about relationships, especially after they're over?

  2. This is all from the beginning of the relationship. I am backlogged for six months! Note the date on the upper right of the page. :P

    I don't find it hard now, no. If anything I'm excited to tell a story! I'm beyond any of the pain which is why I allowed myself some time after the breakup to "heal" before jumping back into this project.

    Plus, I won't get into the hard, sad stuff for a while until I get caught up to current pages! :)

  3. Yeah, I knew this was from a while back, I just meant in general do you have a problem posting personal stuff like that. Well, I guess we'll see how personal it gets!

    Glad you're back on a regular posting schedule. I still haven't read anything prior to your book, I'm hoping that will be collected someday and I can own it myself. However, your Tuesday update is still a few days away, I may need to catch up on it this weekend.