T.M.I. Too Many Informations


  1. Next time you feel that start up (when its already burny but before the actual peeing blood situation).. you know those vitamin C tablet that you dissolve in water all fizzy like? grab a big glass, pop one in. add water a plenty, drink it completely. Pop another one in, add water drink it completely. Pop another one in, add water, drink it completely. This will lessen it Hugely, because the vitamin c is disinfective and the amount that you just drank too much, you will pee out and it will disinfect that area along the way, working its vitamin C magic. I got this tip from my sister in law and it has helped me many times. If that doesnt help, THEN go see a doctor. But it has for me.

  2. THAT is very good advice. I'm totally gonna remember that for next time... :)

  3. I've had a few UTI's. The first time wasn't too bad. It just burned when I peed so I just drank cranberry juice. But the other two times I bled so I went to the health center at my university and they gave me some pills that cleared it up in a few days. Blood clots sound pretty bad to me so definitely see a doctor if cranberry doesn't work after a day or two.

  4. ive had it before and spoke to my doctor, he said once you have a UTI cranberry juice wont do anything its only a preventative. the best thing to do is stay away from caffeine and look for antioxidant rich foods (asparagus is also a very good food for that)cranberry cocktail and all those juices have too much sugar and possibly glucose in them which are not helpful, just drink LOTS of water, like...keep a full bottle..at all times, even when youre not thirsty. but the best thing to do is to get antibiotics.

    1. also! hope you feel better soon :)

  5. I laughed at this so much- the running to the toilet- I can relate.
    I get UTI's all the time guhhhhhh. And you can't really ring in sick to work and be like:
    'Hey boss, somethings up with my lady garden again.'
    ".....your what?'
    So I'm forever doing the toilet dash from my desk like a freaking yo-yo.
    But yeah try not to let yourself get run down and drink lots of water.
    Love your comics by the way!